Acid reflux? Meals and Beverages May Help


Oranges, grapefruit, and berries are known to cause reflux. Foroutan recommends milder foods like bananas to get things going.


Dr. Sonpal suggests oatmeal because its thick, gelatinous texture closes the esophageal sphincter, preventing acid from splashing up.

Low-fat yogurt

It's creamy and cold, helping stomach acidity. Low-fat dairy's lower pH neutralizes stomach acids and coats the esophagus and stomach to relieve pain.


Another incentive to eat green vegetables daily: Foroutan says mucilage, a sticky material that forms on cooked vegetables like zucchini and okra, soothes the stomach.

Whole-wheat bread

Toast soothes troubled stomachs. Rojas says stodgy bread absorbs stomach acid like a sponge and relieves. It's part of the BRAT diet, which physicians recommend for stomach viruses.


Foroutan says honey coats the throat, easing acid reflux symptoms.


Rojas believes lettuce, especially iceberg and romaine, helps dilute and neutralize gastrointestinal acids due to its high water content.

Brown rice

Brown rice, like oatmeal, is a complete grain and nutritious starch that may "soak up" stomach acid, lowering reflux, explains Rojas.


Ginger's stomach-calming effects may alleviate acid reflux as well as stomachaches. Try a calming ginger drink or unsweetened ginger candies.


Dr. Sonpal believes good unsaturated fats like those in avocados may help prevent heartburn and maintain healthy acid levels.

Plums, pears

Stefanski advises rotating these high-fiber, throat- and stomach-friendly fruits to prevent heartburn from constipation.

Skim milk

Low-fat milk, like yogurt, helps calm a burning esophagus. Rojas claims its low pH helps neutralize the environment.

Caffeine-free herbal teas

Rojas suggests uncaffeinated herbal drinks for dyspepsia. Nevertheless, peppermint and spearmint may worsen the burn.

Low-fat kefir

Stefanski recommends kefir for digestion and reflux. Bonus: Good bacteria help lactose-intolerant people handle it.


“Apple passes quickly through the digestive system, and the water content may help neutralize stomach acids,” she explains.


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