9 Non-Alcoholic Rosé Drinks

Blackberry Spindrift Water

Amazon Spindrift's grapefruit and blackberry flavors are deep and almost wine-like. "A fuller flavor than regular sparkling water, carbonated water, and seltzer water," the pulpy drink is made with actual blackberries.

Welch's Rosé Sparkling

This could be for you if you recall celebrating childhood milestones with Welch's sparkling grape juice. Welch's produces non-alcoholic sparkling rosé for summer days without the hangover.

Melón Pomelo LaCroix

LaCroix, a popular non-alcoholic effervescent drink, has several varieties. But this type has refreshing melon and tart grapefruit, perfect for that sophisticated tongue feel you get with a decent wine.

Sparkling Rose Wine

The Señorío De La Tautila Espumoso Rosado Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rose Wine is perfect for wine connoisseurs who want the best without the alcohol.

Vita Coco Sparkling Raspberry Lime

Vita Coco effervescent is my fave for taste and sweetness. Even without alcohol, it's a wonderful summer celebration.


Trader Joe's Mint Watermelon Black Tea

Tea may seem like an unusual wine substitute, but bear with me. This is an undervalued Trader Joe's product, and if I'm the lone non-drinker, a little caffeine helps me remain alert.

Spring Hibiscus Blood Orange

Poland Spring The strong tastes of blood orange and hibiscus make this a wonderful rosé choice among spring's sparkling waters.

Caffeinated Cucumber Sparkling Water

Caffeinated sparkling water exists. If you like rosé because it's so refreshing, cucumber has summer feelings and as much caffeine as coffee.

Drinks Peach

UGLY Drinks offers a twist on sparkling water. UGLY beverages are tasty sparkling water, and the peach one is an excellent rosé substitute in the summer.

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