8 Must-Have Frozen Pizzas


Roberta Fiorito, senior editor of branded content and Royally Obsessed cohost, thinks crunch is the most significant aspect of thin crust pizza.

Trader Joes

Next time at Trader Joe's, add a flatbread. Katherine Gillen, senior food editor, recommends burrata, prosciutto, and arugula.


Yes, the serving size says this rectangle pie may serve two, but since when does anyone care on pizza night? Ellio's is likewise tiny and tastes great.


Fans of baguette-based pizza claim the French know how to cook. Like Ellio's, they are great for individuals with limited freezer space.



Pizza isn't the healthiest meal, but organic, veggie-loaded pizza is. Gluten-free organic kosher pies are soy- and tree-nut-free.


This Brooklyn restaurant's frozen pizza is one of our faves since New York City offers the greatest pizza in the country (sorry, Chicago).

Talia DiNapoli

Enjoy authentic Italian food without flying. Talia Di Napoli sells frozen pies that are prepared in Italy using fresh local ingredients before they’re flash frozen.


When we're too lazy to cook, we eat frozen pizza. Celeste produces two-minute microwaveable personal pies if you want to do even less.

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