7 Diet Strategies to Lose 10 Pounds

His year, focus on health, fitness, and well being. We spoke with professionals who shared seven of their top diet strategies for losing 10 pounds in 2023, whether you're getting in fitness or losing weight for a big event.

Increase meal protein.

Protein kinds on table, muscle-building idea Eat more protein to drop 10 pounds.

Spraying frying oil on pan Using a spray bottle or spritzer instead of pouring cooking oil from the bottle may make a big impact. 

Spray or mist frying oil.


Start your day with workout.

Elderly woman doing morning crunches to reduce 10 pounds. , "Although there is mixed data on whether this genuinely helps you burn more calories, the reality is that if you exercise first thing in the morning, there are less things (and fewer excuses!) to come in the way of your workout."

Pre-meal veggies.

Notion of losing 10 pounds with a plant-based diet, nutritious salad Vegetables before meals reduce appetite and help you lose weight.

Record your meals.

Weight reduction requires monitoring your diet. Recording everything keeps you on track. The Nutrition Twins claim that keeping a food journal can help you remember eating sweets from your coworker's jar.

Hand squeezing lemon juice on salad. Fresh lemon or lime zest makes foods taste better.

Add citrus to meals.

Chicken-eating lady Discard each meal's last four bites. You may save 400 calories each day by saving 100 calories every meal or snack.

Per meal, leave four nibbles.

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