7-Day Weight Loss Kick Off Plan

Day 1: Find your why

Focus on how decreasing weight may help you reach your goals, such having more energy or lowering your heart disease risk, rather than altering your look.

Day 2: Do a kitchen inventory and stock up on healthy staples

After removing the unhealthy items, assemble ingredients that make healthy eating simple. Fresh produce, low-fat dairy, eggs, and lean meats are always good choices.

Day 3: Begin to track your triggers

After you know your triggers, you might try phoning a friend, taking a stroll, or writing to relieve tension.

Day 4: Audit your activity and make a movement plan

It may involve putting sessions on the calendar and treating them like appointments, having a gym companion to keep you responsible, or choosing a daily activity time

Day 5: Give your favorite foods a tune-up

Changing your diet all at once is excellent. It's a formula for overload, and it may not be required. Instead, find one or two ways to improve your favorite meals and snacks.

Day 6: Prioritize sleep.

If you're not receiving the necessary 7–8 hours of sleep most nights, figure out why and create strategies to prioritize sleep

Day 7: Ditch black and white thinking

Seeing minor mistakes as major failures could. With a black-and-white attitude, little deviations from the "perfect" plan, like consuming an additional snack, spoil a day.


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