7 Dark Chocolate Health Benefits That Are Proven

1. Highly nourishing

If you get premium dark chocolate with a high cocoa content, it is very nourishing.

2. Strong antioxidant source

Oxygen radical absorbance capacity is referred to as ORAC. It is a gauge of a food's antioxidant capacity.

3. May reduce blood pressure and enhance blood flow

The endothelium, the lining of arteries, can be stimulated to create nitric oxide by the flavanoids in dark chocolate.

4. Increases HDL and guards against oxidation of LDL

Dark chocolate consumption can lower numerous significant heart disease risk factors. It might guard against elevated cholesterol.


5. May lower risk of heart disease

The components in dark chocolate seem to be quite effective at preventing LDL oxidation.

6. May provide sun protection for your skin

The bioactive ingredients in dark chocolate might be beneficial for your skin as well.

7. May enhance brain performance

The good news is still coming. Moreover, dark chocolate may help your brain work better.

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