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7 Best US Wineries 2023

Hiyu Winery

Winemakers have neglected Oregon for too long. With Eric Asimov, The New York Times wine reviewer, praising the state, this may change.

Bedrock Wine Co.

California's Bedrock Wine Company puts the vineyard before the wine. Because the winery restores 19th- and 20th-century California vines.

Mondavi Winery

In 2021, World's top Vineyards named Robert Mondavi Winery North America's top vineyard. Robert Mondavi, the originator.

Twisted Cedar

"People want to support brands they think are doing something important," said advanced sommelier Eric Crane.


Duckhorn Vineyards

It's impressive to make Wine Spectator's 2017 best wine. One that is even more astounding when the wine is only the second merlot to win it.

Theopolis Vineyards

Theopolis Vineyards, founded by ex-attorney Theodora Lee in 2003, has had numerous successful vintages, notably its 2006 debut.


Darioush is among the most stunning American wineries. Darioush says the winery's design and hospitality reflect the owner's Persian ancestry.

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