6 Key Errors That Lower Metabolism

Eating too few calories

If you drastically reduce your caloric intake and keep it up for an extended period of time, your metabolism may slow to the point that weight loss and maintenance become more challenging.

Skimping on protein

Protein has a greater effect on metabolism than either carbohydrates or fat. During weight reduction and maintenance, keeping your protein consumption high may help keep your metabolism steady.

Leading a sedentary lifestyle

Being sedentary lowers your daily calorie expenditure. Aim to spend less time sedentary and more time actively engaged.


Not getting enough high-quality sleep

Maintaining your metabolic rate may be aided by getting enough high-quality sleep at night instead of napping throughout the day.

Consuming sugary drinks

Drinks rich in fructose, which may slow metabolism and increase liver and abdominal fat accumulation.

A lack of strength training

Weight reduction and slowed metabolism are two of the many benefits of strength training.


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