6 Best Small Reptile Pets That Do Well as Pets

Reptiles are fantastic pets, but some grow too big to handle. The green anole, Greek tortoise, pygmy chameleon, mud turtle, crested gecko, and Western hognose are tiny reptiles that stay small as adults. 

6 Best Pet Tiny Reptiles *Green anole *Crested gecko *Greek tortoise *Mud turtle *Western hognose snake *Pygmy chameleon

The green anole grows to around 7 inches long. Low-maintenance anoles are good starter reptiles. Anoles thrive in 10-gallon tanks, unlike some little reptilian lizards that need big terrariums.

Green Anole

Wish chameleons were smaller? Pygmy chameleons are little versions of their bigger counterparts.

Pygmy Chameleon

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Crested geckos are popular pets due to their tiny size and friendliness. They grow to 5–8 inches. While tiny, crested geckos need a medium-sized aquarium.

Crested Gecko

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Greek Tortoise

The 3–4-inch mud turtle is one of the tiniest pet turtles. A mud turtle can fit in your hand, but you won't hold it often. Turtles may bite.

Mud Turtle

Western hognoses are little snakes that make nice pets. They mature to 2–3 feet long. Pets, these snakes are shy and submissive.

Western Hognose Snake

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