5 Ways Emotion Affects Skin

Stress Makes Eczema, Rosacea, and Other Skin Disorders Harder to Manage.

Cortisol, a stress hormone, causes a fight-or-flight reaction. Cortisol has many unwanted effects, but it can also give us energy.

Anxiety Causes Skin-Picking

Anxious people pick at their skin. Mental Health America says obsessive-compulsive disorder causes chronic skin-picking.

Poor Skincare Causes Depression.

According to the Mayo Clinic, proper eating and sleep promote healthy skin. The Mayo Clinic and Sleep Foundation suggest depressed people may have problems eating well or sleeping enough.


Frowning Creates Wrinkles

Do express yourself, but note that frowning might damage your skin. Chacon thinks frowning causes forehead wrinkles.

Positive Emotions Reduce Stress's Skin Damage

According to the APA, more dermatologists have recognized the link between mental and skin health in recent decades. Consider how blushing might result from embarrassment or self-consciousness.

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