5 Signs Your Self-Relationship Is Toxic

Your Self-Criticism Is Extreme

If you're in a toxic relationship with yourself, Cohen believes you're more inclined to criticize your actions rather than laugh it off and go on.

Justify Unhealthy Habits

When you're in a toxic relationship with yourself, it's easy to fall into unhealthy patterns and cycles.

Too Much Self-Sacrifice

You've probably heard about self-care and its importance in daily life. This can mean working out, cleaning your house, or having a face mask/bubble bath night.

Low Self-Esteem

Have you ever been self-deprecating or thought you were unworthy? Cohen thinks that poor self-esteem and self-confidence are signs of a poisonous self-relationship.

External Validation

A stranger's comment or a loved one's encouragement might make you feel valued. Work promotions and awards improve self-confidence.


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