5 Biggest Zodiac Liars

1. Gemini

Charm and wit make Geminis great chatters. But, they can also bend the truth to fit their story.

Geminis exaggerate, not lie. They may lie, exaggerate, or embellish stories to benefit themselves.

2. Cancer

Crabs are the next largest zodiac liars. Cancerians feel deeply. They also have a sly reputation

Cancerians often lie due to their empathy. They can sense others' emotions and lie to protect them.

3. Leo

Leos crave attention. They need attention and will do anything to obtain it. They may lie to get attention.

They made this list of the biggest zodiac liars because of that. Leos seek attention, not deception.

4. Libra

The largest zodiac liar is Libra. Conflict is their worst enemy because they value balance. 

They lie to avoid conflict and embellish the truth to look good.

5. Scorpio

Finally, the Scorpions. One of the biggest zodiac liars, they are intense and passionate but also shady.

People sometimes lie to keep their feelings and thoughts private. Scorpions are not scared to lie to achieve what they want.

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