4 Zodiacs Feel Violated by Failed Promises

Some zodiacs will not take excuses. They demand accountability. They want you to apologise and grow up. These zodiacs won't tolerate broken promises and excuses.

Virgos are rational, so they'll understand if you can't keep a commitment. If your justifications aren't logical, people won't like you. They demand a rational explanation. 



aCancers feel everything. They're sensitive and won't tolerate mistreatment. They'll keep thinking about it until they comprehend your behaviour. Answers please. They'll keep fretting otherwise.

Aries will criticise you. They'll bring up hurt sentiments or broken promises. They'll demand to know what you were thinking. Aries can't be manipulated. They will keep inquiring until they find the answers.



Leos hate being treated like idiots. Even when it hurts, they demand honesty from their partners. If a partner says what they want to hear without meaning it, they'll leave. 


. They know they can find someone better if they're single again. They know they can avoid liars. You must keep your amorous pledges to Leos. Words fall short. 

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