4-Week Exercise Routine

Muscle and strength gained from strength training may then be used to interval workouts.

Gaining muscle slows down the rate at which your body stores fat, making it easier to achieve the calorie deficit necessary for weight reduction.

After an interval training session, your metabolism will skyrocket. 

In interval training, you work out for bursts of time at a very high intensity, followed by shorter intervals of relaxation.

This approach maintains a high heart rate throughout the exercise, allowing you to get the advantages of aerobic training while also stimulating your metabolism.

Walking, running, swimming, and cycling are all examples of low-intensity cardio that may be done .

While recuperating after more strenuous strength and interval training to help you burn a few more calories every day.

You may do cardio for an hour or more, but even 20 minutes can help.

The average duration of a training routine is 20-22 minutes, making it feasible to include into even the busiest of schedules.

This 4-week exercise plan is designed to help you lose weight by improving your metabolism and increasing your daily calorie burn.

You should begin with a smaller weight and gradually raise it throughout the set until the last repetition becomes challenging.


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