4-step strategy to exercise with your period.

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Hormones might alter your workouts if you menstruate. specialists suggest training intelligently around your cycle.

Research indicates strength training early in the cycle and relaxing towards menstruation. Cramping, exhaustion, and mood swings may have caused you to skip a workout if you have regular menstrual cycles.

According to reproductive specialists Dr. Lynae Brayboy, former chief medical officer at Clue, knowing your hormones might improve your gym experience throughout your cycle.

"The research is out there, but it is not yet enough to draw solid proof concerning the consequences of the menstrual cycle on sports performance and outcomes," she added.

Be aware of symptoms while exercising during your period.

Your menstruation begins when your body removes the uterine lining. Fatigue, cramps, pains, moodiness, and bloating may make you desire to rest.


Be aware of symptoms while exercising during your period.

Insider's Rachel Hosie revealed that regular exercise helps reduce symptoms. Brayboy advised taking notes on how you feel and your symptoms to assist you choose a treatment.

Strength increases peak before ovulation.

The follicular phase is between periods and ovulation. Strength exercise may have benefits at this period. 

Strength increases peak before ovulation.

Training during the follicular period improved strength and muscle growth more than other stages, according to research.

Avoid injuries during ovulation.

Ovulation occurs after menstruation. Estrogen levels rise during this period, and some data shows injury risk may increase.

Avoid injuries during ovulation.

 One research indicated that hormones weaken tendons, making soccer players' tendon injuries twice as frequent.

You may feel tired after ovulation/before your menstruation.

Before menstruation, progesterone levels rise. Research shows this raises body temperature and weariness.

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