12 Stomach-Aching Foods and Drinks

High-Fiber Food

High-fiber meals are nutritious and keep us regular, but too much fiber can cause bloating and discomfort. Running coach and certified personal trainer Susie Lemmer advises Bustle to gradually add them to your diet.

Raw vegetables

Steaming, roasting, grilling, stir-frying, or sautéing veggies in olive or coconut oil helps digestion and preserves nutrients. Coconut oil promotes intestinal health.

Speed Eating

Overeating can expand the stomach, causing bloating, gas, and discomfort. Focus on chewing and swallowing every three minutes.

Protein bars.

She likes them and suggests eating half at a time to help the stomach digest and savor the flavour. Make your own granola, nut, and fruit protein mix or check grocery store labels for additive-free bars.


Most chewing gum contains gas-causing artificial sweeteners, making it worse. FODMAP-rich chewing gum is another.



Gluten, a frequent dietary intolerance, can trigger stomachaches, according to research. Try gluten-free for three weeks. Gluten causes diarrhea, cramps, and irregular bowel motions. If you can't digest it, it's normal.


Greek yogurt improves digestion with probiotics, while other dairy products might aggravate stomach ache. Dass says lactase breaks down lactose, a sugar in dairy, into energy.


Spicy foods include capsaicin, which boosts metabolism and health but can induce diarrhea and stomach issues in some people. "Spicy foods irritate the lining of your esophagus and stomach," Dass explains.


Artichokes, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, goji berries, and peppers might induce stomach and intestinal issues. Tomatoes are quite acidic.


Bubbles in carbonated drinks cause gas and gastrointestinal issues. CO2 causes bloating and discomfort. If you get stomachaches, keep to water and fresh juice. 


Dass tells Bustle that saturated fats influence the gut microbiota. Scientists believe this may explain the rise of Crohn's and ulcerative colitis. 


Alcohol causes stomach inflammation, bloating, and discomfort. Dass says alcohol erodes the gut lining, causing inflammation and discomfort. Alcohol abuse causes this.

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