10 Ways to Burn Fat Faster

Increase your protein intake

Protein has a significant thermic impact, therefore eating it burns more calories. Protein helps you feel full and cut calories.


Strength training boosts metabolism, so you burn more calories even when you're not exercising.

Do high-intensity interval training

Short bursts of intensive exercise followed by rest. It burns fat and calories fast.

Drink green tea

Green tea includes catechins, which stimulate metabolism and fat burning.

Eat more fiber

Fiber helps you feel full and cut calories. Fiber slows digestion, releasing glucose into your system more slowly.


Reduce your carbohydrate intake

Decrease your carbohydrate consumption to lower insulin and stimulate fat burning.

Get enough sleep

Bad sleep disrupts hunger and metabolic hormones, making weight loss tougher.

Drink plenty of water

Water boosts metabolism and reduces calorie consumption by making you feel full.

Avoid processed foods

Calories, sugar, and harmful fats in processed meals can cause weight gain.

Stress management

Cortisol increases weight growth. Meditation and yoga lower cortisol and improve weight loss.

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