10 Simple Ways to Look Better in 30 Days

Your Posture

Social posture might make you seem more beautiful. Doing so makes you seem taller and enhances your attractiveness and confidence.

Look Up

Looking up enhances beauty. Looking down shows indifference in conversation and is unpleasant to both men and women.

Wear Red

Red attracts. A red shirt or accessory may quickly make you more appealing.

Don't Cross Arms

Crossed arms indicate aloofness, which most find unappealing. To prevent seeming dismissive or uncomfortable, keep your arms wide.

Be Honest

Men and women still value sincerity.

Listen to Others

Listening, not just hearing, is rare nowadays. Talk and listen with purpose, reserving your views and opinions until the other person finishes.

Nod Your Head

Head Nodding shows participation and validates the other person's views, worries, and emotions.

Smile and Laugh

Smiling makes individuals more open, appealing, and personable, and a sense of humor makes you stand out.

Be Sure

Clear, straightforward communication draws people in.

Create Links

Discover common ground to make friends and seem more desirable.

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