10 Habits of Successful Weight Losers

Set realistic goals

Successful weight loss set achievable, long-term goals. They predict slow weight loss.

Keep track of progress

Maintaining a diet and activity diary can help successful weight loss track their progress and find areas for improvement.

Make healthy food choices

Successful weight losers eat fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole carbohydrates. They shun junk food.

Portion control

Portion control and not overeating.

Exercise regularly

Weight loss success requires frequent cardio and strength training.


Find a support system

Successful weight loss usually have friends, family, or a support group to keep them motivated.

Mindful eating

Successful weight loss appreciate every mouthful of their food. They eat without TV or phone interruptions.

Get enough sleep

Successful weight loss prioritize sleep. Sleep deprivation disrupts hunger and metabolic hormones, making weight loss tougher.

Avoid alcohol

Successful weight loss avoid alcohol. Alcohol is caloric and can alter diets.

Stay motivated

Successful weight losers remind themselves of their goals, celebrate their victories, and change their plan as needed.

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