Travis Hunter’s injury facts have emerged, as the Colorado star has a ‘lacerated liver.’

The key player for the Colorado Buffaloes, Travis Hunter, took a devastating hit from the defensive back for Colorado State, Henry Blackburn, last Saturday, and happily, he is going to be okay. Blackburn played for Colorado State.

After taking a defenseless hit from Blackburn in the first quarter of the Rams game that they won 43-35 in double overtime, Hunter was taken to the hospital and treated for his injuries. To the surprise and dismay of those who were watching the game, Blackburn was only given a penalty for unnecessary roughness and was not expelled from the game as a result of the hit.
As a result of a lacerated liver, the versatile Hunter, who plays both defensive back and wide receiver for the Buffaloes, will be sidelined for three weeks. It was just recently that he started a livestream to provide an update on his health, and it’s possible that as a result of what he revealed about the hit, he acquired even more followers.

Deion Sanders' daughter could be the family's biggest star.

In the end, Hunter reminded his streamers that the game they were watching was football. Things like that are bound to occur, so all I can do is keep a low profile. [Blackburn] carried out the responsibilities that were assigned to him. It’s a kind of football. On the field, misfortune is inevitably going to befall someone sooner or later. You have no choice but to get back up and continue the struggle. I strive to be someone who can get back up and put up a fight.
Hunter acknowledged the medical staff at the nearby hospital for their care, which kept him from aggravating an existing injury by going back into the field after receiving treatment there. The two-way star who is also a candidate for the Heisman Trophy concluded his livestream on a thankful note, thanking everyone who aided him after the devastating blow.

Deion Sanders' daughter could be the family's biggest star.

In lieu of engaging in the game of assigning blame, Hunter chose to take the high road and essentially referred to his injury as a risk associated with his line of work. Hunter admitted that the Colorado State defender, Henry Blackburn, who rammed into him “did what he was supposed to do” in that moment, even though he did it far too roughly. Blackburn was the one who rammed into Hunter.

Following the game, Blackburn has been subjected to vile messages on various social media platforms, including death threats directed toward his family. The remarks spoken by Hunter should help the crowd relax a little bit and bring back memories of the fact that it was simply a football game. Aside from the tragic injury to his liver, Hunter is going to be okay, and thanks to his winning mindset, he is going to make a speedy recovery and emerge even more capable and powerful than before.

Without Hunter in the starting lineup, the Colorado Buffaloes will have a tough road ahead of them as they travel to No. 10 Oregon this weekend and then host No. 5 USC the following weekend. There is a possibility that Colorado will not win any of those challenging matches, but in the words of the motivational speaker Travis Hunter, the team must at least “get up and fight.”