10 ways to lose weight by walking Part-2

It’s always a smart idea to go into a weight loss journey with an end goal, along with small goals along the way.

6. Establish a goal.

Setting a target for yourself, similar to walking with a companion, will not necessarily boost the number of calories you burn while walking; nevertheless, it will drive you to really attain a particular amount of steps each day. “In this way, you reduce the likelihood that you will choose to substitute walking for another activity, such as watching television,” adds Dr. Bohl.

7. Take the stairs.

You don’t have to limit yourself to using this weight reduction strategy in just your walking routine; instead, you may integrate it into your day whenever it’s convenient. Read recommends that you always use the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, no matter what you’re doing, whether it’s going up to your apartment or running errands.

In addition to that, using the stairs offers a multitude of advantages. According to research conducted at Duke University, ascending stairs will not only help you maintain a healthy weight but will also increase the power in your legs and maybe reduce the likelihood that you will experience falls as you become older. Include stair climbing as part of your daily routine to encourage healthy muscles, bones, and joints.

8. Raise your knees 70 to 80 degrees with each step.

According to what Read has shared with us, “raising your knees higher increases the demand of walking.” In a manner analogous to that of high knees, you will activate your entire lower body as well as your core, which will assist you in expending energy and breaking a sweat. Introducing this one change into your routine will not only be easy but also beneficial.

9. Add farmer’s carries or other handheld resistance.

Increasing the intensity of your walk by performing ‘farmer’s carries,’ holding small dumbbells, or even wearing ankle weights are all excellent strategies to boost the number of calories you burn and improve strength. “Adding more weight to your body is another effective way to burn more calories while walking,” affirms Dr. Bohl.

In order to perform farmer’s carries in the manner that Read recommends, you will need to grasp a dumbbell or kettlebell in each hand while keeping your arms at your sides. According to what BarBend says, you should keep a decent posture when walking forward with the weights. Maintain a brisk and short cadence with your steps.

10. Take shorter, more frequent walks.

If you want to reduce weight by walking, another healthy routine to get into is to walk for shorter distances but more frequently. “Frequent, shorter walks can help you increase total distance, average speed, and calorie expenditure for the same amount of walking since you are more recovered after each short walk,” adds Read. “This is because you are more likely to burn more calories during each short walk.”